created for womxn by womxn

to inspire womxn of every shape, size, race & creed to move
their bodies with a lot of GRIT and a little GRACE, while exuding
a whole lotta self-love.
to inspire womxn of every shape,
size, race & creed to move their
bodies with a lot of GRIT and a
little GRACE, while exuding
a whole lotta self-love.

about us

At GritxGrace we believe that it is never too late to reclaim your life and pursue your embodied journey. No matter your circumstances, we know that you have what it takes to get back up and persevere.

Why? Because we’ve been there. We’ve faced some of life’s hardest challenges and we’ve mustered up every last grain of grit and grace to break free and create the life we love living.

We know you can do it too. For us, movement is medicine.

With a complete range of locally produced and sustainable swimwear specially created for womxn by womxn, we want to inspire you to attain your goals, change your life and feel incredible in the skin that you’re in.

Our growing collection includes beautifully crafted swimwear and functional activewear, but we’re not limiting our designs to those alone, so keep an eye on us as we expand our product line in coming months. We’re constantly dreaming up inspiring new creations that we can’t wait to share with you.

Our product range is therefore constantly evolving and we’re proud to present you with a locally produced and sustainable collection of eco fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products. Each item has been specially created for womxn by womxn. Our hope is to encourage you to live your best life.

At GritxGrace we aim to empower womxn. Every element, from concept to final product, has been shaped by creative female minds and the hands of spirited womxn and talented seamstresses. Each item has been meticulously crafted to ensure comfort, support, and strength in every fibre.

We also want to give back to those who matter most. Therefore, a portion of our profits are redirected to organizations that help womxn in the local communities of South Africa, as well as organisations that are focused on making a positive impact to the environment.

our values


We believe it is our responsibility to take care of our planet. We aim to make wiser choices in the types of sustainable materials and ethical processes used to develop every part of our collection.

From sourcing to packaging, we consider the impact of every facet that goes into a GritxGrace garment. We’re going green with eco-friendly resources and recyclable packaging, which are decided upfront and followed through to the delivery of your goods.


Our aim is always to produce superior products that we are extremely proud to wear ourselves. Each item has been meticulously designed to meet our highest standards.

We also believe in quality customer care and we are always ready to listen to the needs of our clients. The core of our brand is excellence – in product, service and delivery.

female empowerment

Representation matters to us, and future generations will only develop by seeing womxn in positions of power. Whether that be at the helm of a company or whether they’re being paid a respectable living wage, our brand speaks to the power of womxn, and empowers womxn.

The importance of this cannot be fully expressed, as we will never know the value we bring to future womxn and the ripple effect it has.

meet our founder

Sheena is a passionate triathlete and an all-round fitness enthusiast who hails from Cape Town, South Africa. A fun-loving, sometimes feisty, always energetic go-getter, Sheena’s determination is often contagious, whether she is teaching yoga or competing in a gruelling outdoor physical challenge.

Sheena boasts over a decade of corporate financial experience, and yet, she has always longed to venture out and start her own business. She eagerly bided her time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to merge her first love of fitness with her financial skill and business expertise.

In 2019, the opportunity finally arrived, although it was not packaged in the way she had hoped. Instead, a personal crisis pushed Sheena into re-evaluating those things that mattered most in life.

She soon realized that – like a faithful friend and a constant support – fitness had always been there for her, even amid the trials and disappointments that came her way. This was the turning point she needed to start afresh and follow her heart’s call.

With a newfound drive, she launched GritxGrace in 2020 – a brand that echoes the heartfelt message of strength and determination that has shaped Sheena into the womxn she is today.

GritxGrace is her vision brought to life to empower womxn of every demographic, shape and size. Having tackled and overcome many of life’s setbacks, Sheena knows firsthand the power of perseverance and the true strength of a womxn. She is on a mission to help others succeed on the road towards wholeness and a more active lifestyle.